What is the difference between an original and its counterfeit? How do we differentiate them apart of all their physical attributes coincide? Only by comparing their verified and reliable meta-information that is available. Was the product eligible for intellectual property as well as production license? Does the distribution also comply with the relevant licenses? Are all fees paid for the product such as royalties, duties, taxes? Did the buyer receive the product through the legal supply chain? According to the answers to these questions, a distinction can be made between original and counterfeit goods.

The ADNS patent is a marking system independent of the manufacturer and distributor, as well as an authentication service for tracking the marked products. With the help of the ADNS application the service provider shares the information on the legitimacy and credibility of the product at any stage of the commercial process using a single tool. The basis of the IT procedure is the verified unique ADNS codes and the information that is logically inalienable and undeniably proper to the ADNS identified item. Our company as the service provider also verifies the authenticity and uncorrupted nature of the information. With the help of ADNS service, it is possible to follow product routes in real time, depending on legal clearance and with differentiated verification scope.

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